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Dearest beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today is born of the Virgin our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Look now at Him. He came to teach men the humility they had forgotten and the obedience they had transgressed. All is obedience and humility. The Archangel Gabriel was the representative of angelic obedience and humility; the Virgin Mary, obedience and humility; the Righteous Joseph, obedience and humility; the wise men from the East, obedience and humility; storms, obedience; winds, obedience; sun and moon, obedience; men, obedient; beasts, obedient; the grave itself, obedient. All is obedient to the Son of God and all is humbled before Him, for He also is obedient to His Father, and is humble before Him.

It is known that men, who have no humility or obedience, have no wisdom or love. And he, who does not have these, does not have God. And he who does not have God, does not have himself, but is as if he did not exist, being in darkness and the shadow of death.

Therefore, we proclaim today: “together with the choirs of angels and saint in heaven, and with Thy whole Church on Earth, we worship Thee and Thy Nativity, O most gracious Christ!”

On behalf of the entire Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia, and myself personally, I wish you a blessed Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please know that during this glorious Feast of the Holy Nativity you will be prayed for, by name, during my Services.

With love in the Newly Born Christ,
Metropolitan Joseph

Patriarchal Nativity Epistle
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